Dobro lessons

If you’re getting started on dobro, I recommend that you first check out my FREE (to-be-completed) beginner series, all the video lessons are free and will give you (hopefully) a good starting point 🙂

After that, you can either dig deeper with my intermediate series or check out some songs!
If you’re a beginner, try my “Happy Birthday” series, a real challenge for your intonation practice (even for the intermediate), then “Amazing Grace” which starts with a fairly simple arrangement (in part 1) and gets a bit more fancy and challenging in part 2.
If you’re looking for a challenging bluegrass tune, have a look at my note-for-note transcription of Uncle Josh’ “Fireball”.

“I would highly recommend Pat’s Dobro lessons. I have learned very quickly by watching and absorbing Pat’s methods and techniques. His presentation and style of explaining proper instructions is easy to understand and grasp. The video and camera angles are very sharp and clear, which makes it easier to follow along. The tablature and jam tracks provided with each lesson are very useful and professional. Very polished, a great musician and teacher that wants to help you learn!”
Irene Kaiser
Feb. 2016


Beginner Series (FREE Video Lessons!)


Intermediate Series



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