Practicing Chords And Intonation

In this lesson, we are checking out simple but effective ways to practice chords and intonation on the dobro.

This lesson is a follow-up to my lesson about learning the basic major chords so check that out first if you don’t know those!

This lesson also comes with a free PDF file as well as a backing track that you can download below (please consider supporting the site by buying a lesson or making a donation if you only use the free lessons 😉 )

Hope this helps you make the most of your dobro chords practice!

Video Lesson



Backing Track



PDF Charts

Get the free accompanying PDF file for this lesson here:



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4 thoughts on “Practicing Chords And Intonation

  1. Hellooooo. James here. Playing guitar 55 plus years. Friend has arthritis in left hand. Last week he brought a dobro to weekly bluegrass jam. Loved it. Bought one like his and yours. I can play it somewhat sorta. In researching online lessons I came across you. Better than others. Just want to make sure lessons are basic beginner.
    Thanks, James

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