Basic Minor Chords

This is a question that often comes up: how do I play minor chords on the dobro?

So I’ve designed a whole series of lessons about this (important) subject and in this first lesson, we are starting off with two easy ways to play basic minor chords.

The full multicam video lesson is free (full video below) and you can also get the tabs and backing tracks which includes: 2 high resolution chord diagrams files, tabs, 12 backing tracks (3 different keys / 4 different tempos), performance tracks.

“I made more progress with Pat than any other online teacher of the Dobro. Highly recommend his videos.”
Trina Ballantyne
Dec. 2016


Video Lesson



Chord diagrams, tabs & backing tracks
2 High Resolution Chord Diagrams PDF Files
Tabs (PDF Format)
12 Backing Tracks
Performance tracks

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