Private Lessons

I’m offering private 1-on-1 zoom lessons!

How does it work?
Lessons are payable in advance (you can buy either 1 single lesson or 4 lessons to save money!). See options below.
After you have made your payment, I’ll get in touch with you to discuss what you want to work on (lessons are always tailored to your needs) and we’ll set up a date and time (lesson dates will vary depending on your requests and our schedules) 🙂
Note: lessons are not refundable!

What do you need?
A fast Internet speed, a webcam (laptops, phones or tablets all have built-in webcams), Zoom (if you don’t have Zoom, please install it beforehand!) and of course your instrument and accessories 🙂

Single lessons

Single lessons are great if you want to give it a try and see if you like my teaching 🙂

1 single 1-hour private lesson

1 single 1/2-hour private lesson

Lesson package

Once we got to know each other better and you feel comfortable with my teaching, you can buy 4 lessons and save money!

Four 1-hour private lessons

Four 1/2-hour private lessons