Weissenborn lessons

This section is all about weissenborn lessons in open D tuning.

But please note that although i use my weissenborn for open D material, you can also use your dobro or lap steel and tune it to open D.
If you need more information about this, check out the first lesson of this series, “Introduction to open D tuning”, which will get you started on how to tune your instrument to open D.

As for songs, if you’re a beginner, i usually recommend to start off with “Freight Train” which has a simple arrangement in part 1 and then gets more challenging in part 2.

“As a newcomer to the Weissenborn I am really enjoying Pat’s learning materials.
High quality video and sound, straightforward to follow and a personable teacher. Very reasonably priced too.”
Alan Quinn
May 2016


Beginner Series (FREE!)

These dobro lessons can be applied to the weissenborn too (except for strings and possibly fingerpicks, which i talk about in the lessons above):





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