Open Minor Chords In Open D Tuning

Although basic minor chords are an essential foundation, you’d sometimes want or need to play full minor chords (with root, minor third and fifth), especially in a solo situation, and this is where open minor chords come into play 🙂

In this lesson, you will learn and practice some very important and useful open minor chords in open D tuning (for the weissenborn, dobro or lap steel tuned to open D) and i will also show you many possibilities and options for those shapes so that you can explore even more on your own if you wish. Again, be sure to check out the basic minor chords lesson first as we will start from all the basic shapes we have learnt in this first lesson.

Full download includes: full HD 1080p MULTICAM lesson (46′ long), 5 pages of high resolution chord diagrams, 6 pages of tabs, 9 backing tracks (3 keys / 3 different tempos), 12 practice & performance tracks.

“Pat’s minor chords series is another example of soundly constructed course, which combines theory and practical exercises accessible to anyone learning chords.
The video quality, practice tracks and support documents (tabs) are top notch and immerses the student in a musical environment which fosters more attention to playing and provides lots of enjoyment as you progress.”
Carlos Mallmann – France
Sept. 2017


Video Lesson



Full lesson
Full HD 1080p Movie Lesson (46' long)
High Resolution Chord Diagrams (5 pages)
Tabs (6 pages)
9 Backing Tracks (3 keys / 3 different tempos)
12 Practice & Performance Tracks

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