Introduction to Open D tuning for weissenborn, dobro…

In this lesson, i give you an introduction to open D tuning for weissenborn, dobro or lap steel.

Video Lesson


Also make sure to read the blog article i’ve written about how to learn multiple tunings.

Learning many different tunings can quickly get overwhelming so watching this lesson AND reading the blog article will hopefully help you in your journey to master multiple tunings!


I often get asked about which weissenborn i use so here is a link:

There is also a cheaper version with a laminated body:



These are the strings i’m using right now on my weissenborn:

you can try those as well:

or you can experiment with a heavier gauge:

For a dobro, you can stick with the same gauge of strings you use with the common GBDGBD tuning, here is a popular brand:


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2 thoughts on “Introduction to Open D tuning for weissenborn, dobro…

  1. I have an Asher lap steel guitar junior and I want to get or buy tabs and other materials that helps me to study this instrument. I have also a dobro guitar but am still a beginner.


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