How to hold a dobro?

In this lesson, i show you how to hold a dobro sitting down, don’t miss this step, it can make a big difference in both your left and right-hand technique!

More info about the footrest i’m using in this lesson: “what dobro accessories do you need?”

Video Lesson



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2 thoughts on “How to hold a dobro?

  1. Hi Pat.
    I’m a new Dobro player and have a little tip for those of us that are ‘vertically challenged’ (we’re short!)
    I have several footstools made by my husband that I always use at my desk or whenever I’m seated for a long time (to prevent the edge of the chair from pressing into the back of my leg, and also to prevent bad posture.)
    When playing the dobro, I’m using my footstool, but BOTH feet go on the foot stool, with my right foot extended about 6-8″ forward, which drops the right knee, allowing for a more level Dobro. This would be helpful for taller people who don’t have to use a footstool for basic seated comfort, and don’t have a footstool.

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