Basic Major Chords In Open D Tuning

In this lesson, i teach you how to play the basic straight-bar major chords in open D tuning for the weissenborn (or dobro / lap steel…) and most importantly, we put them into practice over some fun blues backing tracks!

The full multicam video lesson is FREE (full video below) and you can also get the chord diagrams, charts and backing tracks package which includes: high resolution chord diagrams, 12-bar blues charts, 20 backing tracks (4 keys / 4 different tempos)

Video Lesson



Chord diagrams, charts & backing tracks
High Resolution Chord Diagrams
12-Bar Blues Charts
20 Backing Tracks

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2 thoughts on “Basic Major Chords In Open D Tuning

  1. Some questions = #1= why do you tune to open D tuning ( just a different sound? easier or?? )
    = # 2 = If I am playing to open G tuning (GBDGBD ) would I be able to do the same thing you are doing in terms of the major chords up the neck
    = #3 = The cost for the lesson is $5.95 pounds = What will this cost me in Canadian dollars?
    = #4 = sometimes I cannot see exactly where you put the steel on the strings. Will then chord diagrams or 12 bar blues charts show where to put the steel or the finger picks?
    I am a very slow learner with not a great attention span or time to devote to it but you do make it sound so easy

    1. hi Don,

      #1 = different sound, “darker”, great for blues but you can play anything with this tuning. not easier than GBDGBD, not more difficult either.
      #2 = yeah i guess you could, the chord positions would be different though and the purpose of this lesson is to learn open D major chords so you’d better tune your dobro to open D (i’ve got a free lesson for that here)
      #3 = about 8.5 CAD or 6.5 USD
      #4 = as i explain in the lesson, the 12-bar blues charts only have chord names but i did this on purpose to force you to try and remember the chords…But that being said, the chord diagrams file which also come up with the lesson show the exact positions with fret numbers so you can use that if you’re lost.
      Don’t worry, there is a smooth learning curve in this lesson, just take it easy and you won’t get lost 🙂

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