Freight Train Weissenborn lesson pt.2

In the second lesson of this mini-series, we’re learning a fancied up version of “Freight Train” in open D tuning.

This one has lots of cool licks and is played at a faster tempo than the version i teach in part 1.
It’s a really fun but also challenging one to play so i would highly recommend to check out part 1 of the lesson first! 🙂

Note: I’ve played this on my weissenborn but of course you can also play it on your dobro or lap steel tuned to open D.
If you need more information about how to tune your instrument to open D then feel free to check out my free introduction to open D tuning lesson.

Full download includes: full HD 1080p MULTICAM lesson (47′ long), tablature, practice and performance tracks.

“The way the lessons are set up, I found it easier than expected to make good progress right away!”
Jonathan Scherer
Dec. 2016


Video Lesson



Tab only
Full Tab (PDF Format)
Full lesson
1080p Multicam Lesson (47' long)
Full Tab (PDF Format)
Practice & performance tracks
Full Series
(1.5 hour of instruction!)

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