Killing The Blues Weissenborn Lesson

Really haunting and soulful tune, not that difficult to play technically, most of the work lies in the control of dynamics, expression, vibrato etc.

It’s in open C tuning (CGCEGC) so same as open D but one whole step down.

“The lesson and documentation are excellent and clear.
Thank you, I can also see now, the amount of work you put into making them.”
David B. – Queensland, Australia
March 2017

“I’m really enjoying your tutorial for “Killing the Blues”. The subtleties with the steel have been SO meaningful. I’ve played along with the song by others on YouTube but now starting to “get it” thanks to you.”
Frank Bird – Portland, OR
Dec. 2017






Learn how to play it! check out options here.


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12 thoughts on “Killing The Blues Weissenborn Lesson

  1. Thank you Pat, this lesson is most appreciated. A beautiful rendition of a truly haunting tune. Can’t wait to start learning it! 🙂 Alan

  2. Hi Pat,

    First, thanks for the quick response to my question I posed in your message area. I appreciate it.

    I have been wanting to learn this song for about 2 years now and when I found
    your lesson I almost fell out of my chair.
    This song is the specific reason I bought a Weissenborn.
    It is one of the most beautiful songs I have heard and your playing is wonderful.
    Now I can finally learn to play a song I have been wishing to be able to do for
    a long time now.
    This old man is doing a happy dance!

    Have a good day,

  3. Looking for the brand of the fine sounding weissenborn guitar played in the videos. Beautiful finish and great sound! Thanks, Mathew.

  4. Hi Pat
    As you dropped down a tone….does that mean you can play in open D with same fingering and it will be just a bit higher in sound.

  5. hi Pat! My guitar is tuned to open D, can I change the tuning to open C with the same strings ? I’m trying to learn this song in open D and just realized I was using the wrong tuning. LOL

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