Advanced Minor Chords Pt. 2: Em, Bm, Cm Practice & Composition

Let’s make some music! 🙂

In part 1 (the foundation stage), we have learnt lots of minor chord shapes using open strings and now in part 2, we are putting those into practice for 3 minor chords: Em, Bm and Cm.

So in this lesson, you will learn how to practice those shapes with 5 different chord changes exercises then you will learn a fun little tune that i wrote which uses many open minor chord shapes. Lots to learn from this!

Full download includes: full HD 1080p MULTICAM lesson (46′ long), 7 pages of tabs, backing tracks, performance & practice tracks.

Video Lesson



Full lesson
1080p Multicam Lesson (46' long)
7 pages of tablature (PDF)
Backing Tracks (3 different tempos)
Performance & Practice Tracks
Tab & Backing Track (Song only)
Tablature (song only)
Backing Track (final tempo only)

When you’re done with that lesson then join me for part 3 for more minor chord shapes practice!

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