Autumn Leaves Dobro Improvisation

This is the last lesson of my mini-series about the popular song, “Autumn Leaves”.

In this lesson, i make an harmonic analysis of the tune (chord progression, key changes…) then give you some improvisation tips and show you a couple of scales that you can use over the backing tracks.

If you’ve mastered my single note melody arrangement (or my chord melody arrangement) and want to go a bit further by improvising over this tune then this lesson will deliver that.
Please note, there is LOTS to learn from this BUT this requires some music theory knowledge so if you’re a complete beginner, you might want to skip this one for now!

Sample video below.

Full download includes: full HD lesson, PDF file which includes the complete harmonic analysis and much more, tab with scales, backing tracks…

Video Lesson



Full lesson
Full HD 1080p Movie Lesson
Harmonic Analysis & Tabs (PDF)
Backing Tracks
Full Series (2 hour+ of instruction!)

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