Fireball dobro lesson

In this lesson, we learn how to play the classic bluegrass tune “Fireball” by dobro master Josh Graves.

Pretty fast but not as hard as it sounds!

We start off by learning each phrase slowly then we put everything together and towards the end we play the whole tune at a slow tempo so that you are able to play it from start to finish before speeding it up.

Sample video below.

Full download includes: full HD lesson (50′ long), tablature, 8 backing tracks at different tempos, mp3 practice & performance tracks (great to practice and play along with me!).

“I recently purchased the tab and tracks to Josh Graves signature song Fireball and this is the most accurate transcription I have heard.
Highly recommend Pat’s lessons to anyone wanting to learn the Dobro.”
William P.
June 2016


Video Lesson



Full package
Full HD 1080p Movie Lesson (50' long)
Full Tab (PDF Format)
8 Backing Tracks
Practice & performance tracks
Tab only
Full Tab (PDF Format)

If you want to discover Josh Graves’ music, I highly recommend this one:

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8 thoughts on “Fireball dobro lesson

  1. I have been getting your e-mails for a while now and it is very interesting to see. Lots seems to be over my head as I have not had any lessons and have not had the Dobro for very long. I usually play the guitar . I don’t know how long you have been giving lessons on line but do you start with beginners lessons and then progress to the present and if so where can I see some of the beginners lessons?

  2. I listened to your version of “Fireball” and it’s the closest to Josh Graves version that I’ve heard and I like that. I’ll soon be ordering some of your instructional material. I’ve ordered a lot of material from different dobro players and some were over my head. But for now I’ll just sign up for the newsletter.

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