What Dobro Should I Buy?

“What dobro should I buy?” is one of the most frequently asked questions, so here is a quick video where I try to answer that.

Check out some of the links below which hopefully will help you before making your purchase!

Please note: this list is of course far from being exhaustive!
These are just a few examples, and you might disagree of course, feel free to post a comment below, all opinions and suggestions are welcome 🙂
Also remember to try out your dobro if you can before buying one (or have a friend try it for you if you don’t know yet how to play dobro!).

Video Lesson



This is the one that I use and i think it sounds really good:

Gretsch G9210 Boxcar (Amazon link)

Another medium-priced dobro:

Epiphone Hound Dog (Amazon link)

Regal  also make some very affordable dobros which sound good!

Here is a bit more high-end one but still very affordable, this PBS model sounds great and I don’t think you can go wrong with Gold Tone:

Gold Tone PBS (Amazon link)

Also check out Scheerhorn who make some of the best dobros out there but they’re more expensive so maybe not for the complete beginner!



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5 thoughts on “What Dobro Should I Buy?

  1. i just bought the boxcar and i love it. i’m trying to learn to play. your lessons help me more than the others i have seen. thanks.

  2. Your arrangement of “Amazing Grace” is beautiful. I just bought a regal dobro while in Branson, MO and am learning to play.

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