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Learning With Pat - Steel Guitar Lessons

Welcome to my steel guitar lessons website, where you will learn how to play in steel guitar fashion (dobro or weissenborn) with a song-focused approach.

WHY IS THIS SITE SONG-FOCUSED? Because although theory is important (and so is technique, scales etc.), you should never forget to ENJOY YOURSELF when you’re learning an instrument and best way to do that is to LEARN SONGS!

If you’re getting started on the dobro, I’ve designed a FREE (to-be-completed) dobro beginner course where you will learn the basics of this instrument. From there, you can quickly start learning my own arrangements of classic songs or transcriptions of famous dobro tunes.
I’ve also started (apr. 2016) a new section all about open D tuning and weissenborn so expect much more lessons to be added to this in the coming months 🙂

Ready? Start learning now! No fancy equipment needed, just grab your instrument and let’s have fun playing our favorite tunes 🙂

  • What people say about www.learningwithpat.com :

    "If you are looking for dobro lessons then look no further than learning with Pat. The lessons are crystal clear and everything explained in great detail. The picture quality is fantastic and Pat obviously cares a lot about what he does.
    Living in Scotland, it is not easy to find anyone who teaches dobro and after trawling the internet for lessons I have finally found what I am looking for. In just two lessons my playing has improved already.
    Keep them coming Pat, I am looking forward to future lessons! Thanks again!"

    Graham Robertson - Motherwell, Scotland
    Oct. 2016

  • What people say about www.learningwithpat.com :

    "I found with Pat all that I expected to start playing the dobro. The lessons are clear and relevant. You feel that Pat wants to help you learn and he does it in a very natural and positive way. Pat also responds quickly when needed. I bought the "Amazing Grace" lesson which allowed me to learn smoothly. Now I really want to tackle something more punchy, such as "Freight Train".
    Go for it! you will not be disappointed :)"

    Arnaud R. - Bordeaux, France
    Sep. 2016

  • What people say about www.learningwithpat.com :

    "As a beginning Weissenborn player I'm excited to start my lessons with Pat. His videos are excellent and his arrangements beautiful, clear and concise. I'm starting with "Time After Time" and then will jump into "Freight Train"."

    Stew L. - Colorado Springs, CO
    June 2016

  • What people say about www.learningwithpat.com :

    "I recently purchased the tab and tracks to Josh Graves signature song "Fireball" and this is the most accurate transcription I have heard.
    Highly recommend Pat's lessons to anyone wanting to learn the Dobro."

    William P. - NC, USA
    June 2016

  • What people say about www.learningwithpat.com :

    "All of Pat's videos are spot on. I really like how you break down counting the rhythms and your other video offerings with basic fundamental music theory.
    Quite often teachers provide video or online instructions at a pace that is too fast for the beginner. I would recommend your videos to any beginner or beginner/intermediate."

    Dave Falk - Royal Oak, MI
    May 2016

  • What people say about www.learningwithpat.com :

    "As a newcomer to the Weissenborn I am really enjoying Pat's learning materials.
    High quality video and sound, straightforward to follow and a personable teacher. Very reasonably priced too.

    Thanks Pat, keep them coming!"

    Alan Quinn - UK
    May 2016

  • What people say about www.learningwithpat.com :

    "As a Weissenborn enthusiast I was surprised and delighted when I purchased Pat's lesson for "Time After Time" in open d tuning. His lessons are great value for money and offer concise structured instructions delivered in professional and friendly manner. I will be undoubtedly be coming back "time after time" 😊

    Aron Radford - Weissenborn recording artist and administrator of "The Weissenborn Information Exchange"


    Aron Radford - UK
    May 2016

  • What people say about www.learningwithpat.com :

    "I can only speak as a 67 years old beginner, Pat is great, his lessons are to the point and fully understandable. He does not show off with a bunch of hot licks and things you can not grasp as a beginner. He has helped me more than anyone! thanks!"

    Allen B. - Indianapolis, IN
    April 2016

  • What people say about www.learningwithpat.com :

    "I whole heartedly and unreservedly recommend Pat's lessons for all levels of square neck / lap style steel guitar students, including folks beyond beginner level who want to learn specific songs, some of the music theory we all reluctantly have to learn, and much more. The pace of the lessons is good even for beginners. The tablature included in each lesson is very helpful. The backing tracks to practice along with are invaluable for those of us who do not have an infinitely patient backing band to play behind us as we learn the chords and scales. Thank you, Pat, for advancing my knowledge and chops!"

    Mark T. - Cleveland, OH
    March 2016

  • What people say about www.learningwithpat.com :

    "Have just finished learning Pat's arrangement of "Amazing Grace". It's such a wonderful tune with lots of different arrangements available, but none to match this one, in my opinion. The relaxed approach, but superb tone & playing style, that Pat brings to his lesson, makes learning a pleasure. I found it both simple & challenging. A slow arrangement with fairly simple right hand picking, but a real challenge to achieve precise innotation & allow the tune to rise to its potential. To me, these are the most enjoyable tunes to practice, & I just love to put the backing track Pat provides into a loop, & get lost in the melody as I try to get the tone & feeling it deserves. I know this will help me in my journey to become a better dobro player. Thanks Pat!"

    Stan Bond - Indianapolis, IN
    Feb. 2016

  • What people say about www.learningwithpat.com :

    "I've tried video instruction from many teachers and often found them more discouraging and sleep inducing than helpful. I like the way you break your instruction down by measures and allow the user to advance at their own pace. Moreover, as an instructor, you're patient and totally unpretentious which makes learning from you a lot easier regardless of the student's performance level."

    Paul Harris - Greensboro, NC
    Feb. 2016

  • What people say about www.learningwithpat.com :

    "I would highly recommend Pat's Dobro lessons. I have learned very quickly by watching and absorbing Pat's methods and techniques. His presentation and style of explaining proper instructions is easy to understand and grasp. The video and camera angles are very sharp and clear, which makes it easier to follow along. The tablature and jam tracks provided with each lesson are very useful and professional. Very polished, a great musician and teacher that wants to help you learn!
    I look forward to many more lessons!
    Keep up the great work!"

    Irene Kaiser - Grand Rapids, MI
    Feb. 2016

  • What people say about www.learningwithpat.com :

    "After watching a sample of Pat's work on Resohangout, I was persuaded to purchase a pkg.  arrangement of Amazing Grace, the popular Gospel song that is well loved and often played. Pat's version is additive to the overall simplicity and beauty of its reverent quality. It was available in both a simpler and buildup arrangement and comes with detailed measure by measure, highly visual. video instruction. I encourage both the beginner and intermediate player to give Pat's teaching material, a shot, as his products are affordable and complete. Although I don't personally know Pat,  he seems to be a down to earth fellow who will work with you if there is a download problem due to the size of the files as Dropbox links are an available option should file resume be necessary due to slow servers as was my case."

    -best regards for a successful teaching venture- Jerry House
    Jan. 2016

  • What people say about www.learningwithpat.com :

    "I have met Pat a few years ago, when he hired me as a drummer in his band called Melodic Murmur.
    For many years I have wanted to learn guitar, and playing with him made me want to go for it.
    During all my life as a musician, I have never met anyone so inspiring.
    Pat knows a lot about music, he has a deep understanding of what it all is, and he loves to transmit his knowledge.
    Above all, he can teach you how to learn.
    That’s what he’s done for me.
    I’ve had the privilege to have him as a face to face teacher for three years, and he’s made of me the guitarist I am today.
    Pat, I do love you, keep up the good work with LWP !"

    Richard G. - France
    Jan. 2016

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